12 Reasons To Tweet

Of all the social media venues available, our business clients seem to have the most difficulty seeing value in a Twitter membership. The overall impression is that Twitter is just for sports and entertainment celebrities to share where they’re having lunch , or something equally inane.

Let me encourage you to reconsider. Properly utilized, Twitter can be an ideal way to share content, keep up with your industry, and get/stay connected to the world. The key part of that sentence is “properly utilized.” When incorrectly applied, Twitter can be an incredible waste of time. Here are twelve business benefit focused reasons to venture into the world of tweeting.

  1. Creating and managing your online reputation by making quality tweets and engagement with others.
  2. Increase your presence online, creating a worldwide network of contacts for your domain.
  3. Promotion of your blog or website contact.
  4. Directing tweets to your landing pages brings more people to your website and increases conversions.
  5. Competitive analysis—keep an eye on your competition and the marketplace(s) you serve.
  6. Gather feedback from your customers. Make your customer service staff more effective at meeting the specific needs of your customers.
  7. A forum for sharing your knowledge and expertise globally.
  8. Awareness of your brand. 51% of Twitter users follow various brands.
  9. Word of mouth marketing on steroids. People reading and forwarding your tweets can be huge!
  10. Get answers. Post a question and you’ll quickly have numerous responses.
  11. Present your promotions and specials. Send your “deal of the day” to the world on Twitter.
  12. Twitter offers you an additional way of connecting to members of your other networking sites.

Twitter allows you to find and engage prospects with very little effort. When properly scheduled, it can be an important component in your business marketing strategy.