5 Blogging Strategies

We almost always encourage our clients to write and maintain a blog as a part of their website, or a standalone conversation with their target market(s). For busy business owners this can be a little intimidating. Even for those who enjoy expressing themselves with the written word, occasionally writers block sets in. For those times, here are five strategies to get the creative juices flowing again.

  1. Walk down memory lane. Particularly if you have been in business for a longer period of time, or have been in your industry for many years. Reflect on the changes you’ve seen. How products/services have grown and diversified. Who are some of your longest standing clients? How has their relationship with your business affected them, and you? Go to the library and get industry magazines from 20 years ago. What is different today? Write about these changes.
  2. Seek out the ads. Most of us, if we watch TV at all, will TIVO a program to watch at a later time. This lets us fast forward through the ads. Try not doing that for a week and listen to some of the marketing messages around you. Pick up a magazine and flip through it looking specifically at the advertising. Make a conscious effort to read billboards and bus signs. What are you hearing and seeing? Are the ad messages effective at interrupting and getting your attention? What can you learn from these exercises about your own marketing? What can you share with your readers?
  3. Look through your CD’s or iPod library. Music inspires us, it gets us thinking. Most of us can remember where we were when we heard a favorite song for the first time, or who we share that memory with. Maybe a title, old album cover, a lyric will get you thinking in a new way. Hmmm, I just thought of one. “How Eric Clapton changed my business career.”
  4. Mine your Facebook newsfeed. What are people talking about? Are there interesting photos or videos that have been posted? Same for your Twitter feed. Seeing what is engaging to others may spark an interesting idea for you.
  5. Talk with your kids, or someone else’s if yours are grown. Want to get a really different perspective on the world? See how a nine year old views things. Look through a photo album with a young person. See how they react to the changes in life as seen in the images. Watch an animated film and see their reactions to the story and characters. I guarantee you’ll be inspired.

Writers block happens to all of us. Perhaps by trying one or more of these ideas you’ll find new sources of creativity.