7 Tips to Make Your Marketing More Dynamic

As business owners we’re all striving to increase sales and retain our customers. And if we can increase the frequency of their buying, or the amount that they spend each time, so much the better. Too often we get in a rut, find something that is working and just let it run without ever reevaluating how the strategy might be improved. If that describes one or more of your marketing funnels, here are 7 tips to consider.

  1. Make buying easier. Dissect every action that your prospect takes on the path to becoming a customer. Ask yourself, “is it absolutely necessary that someone do that step? If you sell products on line, what is your “shopping cart experience?” Does someone have to go through multiple steps, and a few upsells and downsells before they get to the “pay now” button. If yes, you are losing sales as people get frustrated with the process.
  2. Consider the unexpected bonus. Just as too many steps at the end of the transaction process can kill a sale, a pleasant surprise that you give to the prospect just before they take the last action to complete a sale can eliminate any last minute hesitation.
  3. Provide fast delivery—even when you can’t. The faster you can deliver your product or service the more sales you will get. If you are dependent on a third party for some or all of your product, add something to the purchase that you can deliver immediately. It could be a special section on your website available only to new customers, or a DVD that will help you new customer know how to best implement what they’ve just purchased when it does arrive.
  4. Handle customer complaints quickly. Focus on retaining the customer rather than the immediate profit of the sale. Issues happen, sometimes they are our fault, often we are dependent on too many others to perform and it can reflect badly on our company or service. If you focus on satisfying the customer no matter what, they will be more likely to reward you with future business and referrals. Screw this up, and their 20 closest friends will hear about it…and you’ll lose future sales.
  5. Don’t just sell benefits. I know this sounds like heresy, but instead of just focusing on what a prospect will gain from using your product or service, focus on what they could lose by not taking action. Most people fear loss more than they desire gain. Yes, they want to enjoy the benefits you can provide, but will want you even more when they understand what they stand to lose by not taking action.
  6. Improve your offer without lowering the price. You don’t have to compete just on price, in fact, you really don’t want to get into a price war. Fight the price question by loading up the transaction with bonuses. In most product and service categories there are complementary gifts that you can add with a high perceived value to the prospect, but that don’t cost you a great deal.
  7. Don’t forget “traditional” marketing. I know, we’re supposed to have a website and pages on at least a half dozen social media platforms if we want to compete in today’s marketplace. Would it surprise you to know that some of the biggest “internet guru’s” are using snail mail postcards to drive traffic to their websites? If you have an “undefined” market (see my video on this subject in the video vault) radio just might be the most efficient marketing tool for you. This is also a good way to “outsmart” your competitors who are so focused on the world wide web.

Want to know what is best about these strategies? They are all low cost and easy to implement. I’d suggest you evaluate each of your marketing funnels quarterly, and consider utilizing some of these tips.