Do You Need a Digital Conversationalist?

Let me begin with a question: who is the voice of your company in the social media outlets that you are a member of? Have you considered whether that person is really qualified to articulate what your company stands for?

OK, that was two questions, but here are three things we frequently see when working with companies, particularly those who market business to business. One, they go to the trouble of “signing up for” various social media platforms, and then do nothing more. (Why even start?) Two, they give the responsibility for any social media efforts to an intern or entry level marketing person. (You want someone who doesn’t yet know your company, brand, expertise, and promotions as your on line voice?) Three, “can you guys just handle it?” (Delegating to an outside agency is expensive, slower, and will not be a completely accurate reflection of your company.”

When we have a client who is intent on using social media as an effective vehicle for enhancing their company image, growing sales, recruiting new team members, or expanding their market area; we are suggesting they create a new position in the organization: Digital Conversationalist.

Huh? “How would I find such a person, and what exactly do they do?” Good questions!

Most likely the person is already in your organization. Ideally they have been with you long enough to know the company, products, people, culture, and client base well. They have good communication skills, particularly writing. He or she is well versed in social media, has personal accounts on several platforms and “knows the language” of posting online.

Your Digital Conversationalist will be able to “work the digital room and get a conversation going” much like your executives do when attending an industry meeting or convention. They can balance a well reasoned contribution to the conversation with the ability to ask questions and get responses. They can take a leadership role in relevant forums, consistently offering value to the other members.

Perhaps most important, they understand that this is not a direct selling effort, and that they are a participant in a conversation, not the center of attention. A talented Digital Conversationalist can positively affect the entire chat, creating interest in and good will for your company.

If you are serious about having a positive and productive presence in the social media arena, maybe it’s time to consider creating a new position.