Five Ways to Create a Year’s Worth of Video

I have been writing a lot in recent months about video marketing. It is becoming increasingly important for business owners to include video in their business growth strategies, particularly if you want to be found on line.

Today I’m going to continue that theme by suggesting five video content creation strategies you can use to have the next year of video marketing “in the can” as they say in Hollywood.

  1. Case Studies. Do you ever interview your clients to find out how you’re doing? (You should be!) Why not do these in person and capture the conversation on video. You can link together several of these brief interviews into a video about one of your products or services. If many of your customers are out of town, you can do an audio capture and edit their voices into your video as a voiceover. The technology for this is pretty simple today, and can be outsourced cost effectively.
  2. A Peek Under the Tent. Have a new product coming to market soon? How about a webinar that you are creating interest for? Build some buzz and anticipation with a brief preview video hinting at some of what you will be sharing at the webinar. You can add this video to your email invitations, or put it on your company home page for a couple of weeks leading up to the event. This will stimulate registrations.
  3. Maximize Trade Shows. If you’ve gone to the expense of buying a booth, allocating staff and resources to attending—get some additional mileage during and after the show by creating a series of videos. What to film: interview customers who attend, do a “roving reporter” style tour of the show floor showing some of the other attendees, or host a roundtable of industry experts and film it.

Here’s the important part: upload these short videos daily to your web site, send them out through all social media channels that you participate in, and include in emails “from the show” to your customers. This will position you as an expert who is “in the thick of things” in your industry.

As an added bonus, offer your videos to other attendees to use in their social media efforts. Of course your company name is imbedded in the video and credited as its source, again establishing you as an industry expert.

You can hire the services of a professional video person for a couple of days to help you shoot and render this content for far less cost than you might think. When you consider all of the expenses of attending a trade show, this added bit of marketing could really be a game changer for you!

  1. Video Executive Summaries. Do you publish industry specific reports or whitepapers that are available as downloads? Create a short video summary to go with the report and locate on one of your public landing pages before the registration box. This will increase the number of opt-ins. Be sure to include one-click “share” buttons and invite your visitors post to their social media sites too.
  2. Re-purpose Old Content. Sadly, 70% or more of the people who downloaded one of your reports a few months ago never got around to reading it. Why not take this content, update it, and release in video format. For this strategy you are not actually filming anything. Instead, take your content and arrange in a series of Power Point slides and do a screen capture with voice over. Don’t try to capture the content of an entire whitepaper into a single video. Instead, break it up into a series of shorter (five minutes or less) highly focused segments that you can release each day for several days in a row.   This will increase viewership, and get your original message out to a lot more people.

There you have it—five proven techniques for creating interesting video content. With just a little bit of advanced thought and planning you can schedule these for publication over the next year. This steady “drip campaign” of quality video segments will keep prospects coming back to your site and engaging with you in a more productive way. Properly imbedding meta tags into each video will aid in your efforts to achieve and maintain high page rank in the search engines as well.