Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is more than just a series of emails, nor is it just used by the “big boys" or national companies. It is how local businesses just like yours are going to scale and compete in the next few years. Not sure what Marketing Automation is, or where to get started? Consider this fact: right now, one of your competitors is using this technology to leave you in their dust.

They are improving their customer service, response times, automating processes and follow up with prospects. They are gathering marketing intelligence on their customer’s behaviors, and moving towards a true, highly personalized 1:1 relationship. How are they doing this? Through marketing automation that focuses on the definition, scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns.

That’s a lot of ‘business speak,’ what does it really mean? Marketing automation is a way to allow your sales team to be more efficient, talking with prospects who have expressed an interest in your product or service, not wasting time on cold calling. It is a method of regular and highly targeted communication with your prospects, across multiple marketing channels, as you strive to develop a relationship with them. This is done is several ways, here are four steps we follow:

  • Pipeline Management Through Lead Scoring and Nurturing. We work with your team to understand how a lead is valued, and the various stages that lead goes through in their interaction with your company. Then we create a system to score and nurture them at each stage of the funnel.
  • List Segmentation and Workflows. After we define the stages in your sales funnel, we begin segmenting lists and creating automation workflows that trigger emails and personalized messaging at each step.
  • Dynamic Content. Once your customers and prospects are segmented, we can then begin to deliver dynamic, personalized content to them. These are custom messages that are automatically created based on the behaviors your prospects have demonstrated during the sales process.
  • Campaign design. Customized graphics, branded messages…think of this as “tying a bow" around the campaigns as we help you make each email or other communication present a consistent image with your website, social media profiles, and off line marketing collateral.

Marketing Automation is not for every business. A successful implementation depends on having already established a solid marketing foundation and having a sales team with the ‘bandwidth’ to properly nurture the prospect relationships that will be created. We can help you evaluate the right time to execute this step.