People Based Marketing

People based marketing is the ability to recognize, by name, exactly who you are marketing to. How do we do this? By analyzing the shopping habits and decision making processes of 225 million Americans across 5 billion websites. We actually process over 15 billion pieces of data each and every day.

This kind of information collection has been prominent for at least the last decade. About 18 months ago we created an algorithm that allows us to evaluate these massive amounts of consumer data in a conceptual way, identifying buyer patterns and not just transactions. When we identify an actual buyer of a product, a new roof for example, the algorithm allows us to go back through their search history for the previous weeks. When we do this analysis over thousands of buyers across the country, distinct patterns emerge. Said another way, buyers leave a breadcrumb trail of what they do before they buy.

We can use this behavioral approach to identify new the people coming into the market. As keyword searches are done, and websites navigated, we are able to pick this up, and narrow these searches down to a specific zip code.

This data is available in specific market niches, and exclusively to one company in a market area. Contact us today to see if People Based Marketing can help grow your business.

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