Social Media

With 200+ platforms out there, let us help you identify the right channels for your message.

Create value where your target customers are the most active. Despite what a lot of so called gurus want to tell you, social media is not a tactic, it’s a medium. It isn’t about how many followers, likes, re-tweets, or shares your content has seen. Social media is about engagement and providing real value to your target customers and your industry.

There are a lot of agencies and social media consultants out there who will offer you a dated, cookie cutter social media strategy. That doesn’t work anymore. What we find works today is more like digital public relations than social media marketing. It requires a dedicated commitment to a well thought out communications strategy.

What does that mean, exactly? Here are four components we employ for our clients.

  • Profile setup and design. Each platform has its own unique rules and design parameters-and these change frequently. We will help you create a consistent design so that all your profiles match your brand.
  • Social Listening and Monitoring. Social isn’t just pushing out content, it is also sensitively listening to the online conversation with the intent of finding opportunities for your brand.
  • Social Media Training. While we can help with the initial setup and ongoing evaluation, we feel that your social media campaigns are best managed in house by someone who knows your company and industry intimately. We can help you identify this person and create a pattern of management to insure success in your social media program.
  • Visual Content. Your branding needs to be graphic, with collateral images that are optimized for each social media platform. We will help you with this.

Frequently we talk with business owners who have avoided the “time suck" of social media, or who bemoan the fact that their employees spend so much time on social media during the workday. We understand.  Social media needs to be evaluated just like any other marketing channel, and campaigns created that extend your brand to the specific audiences on each one. That is a social media strategy, and that’s what we can help you implement.