Your Website

Your Website

Your website is the front door of your business. Make sure yours says, “Welcome".

Think of your website as “mission control" for your business marketing program. It is where you direct prospects from all of your funnels. A well designed website will effectively convey your brand promise, it will demonstrate how you are different from others offering a similar product or service. If the various marketing strategies you implement are the “feet and hands" of your advertising, your website is the “heart."

Websites have evolved from a stand-alone “electronic brochure" to an interactive tool that enables you to target prospect behaviors and segment your visitors based on their preferences.  The myriad of themes and customizable elements that are available give an almost unlimited number of options.

Too frequently we see websites that have been designed from the companies perspective, touting a variety of features that all say “look at us…come and buy."

Our approach is to begin with a ‘wireframe,’ a mock-up of your site from the perspective of a visitor. This UX (user experience) methodology will help convey your unique brand message in a way that resonates with your prospective customers. Our job is to help you select, build, and manage the right technology for the job. Whether you want a small business website, online magazine, or ecommerce store; we can build it.