You Can’t Fool Mother Google

There seems to be no shortage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts offering their service to business owners.  They’ll tout their unique understanding of the latest algorithms and promise to get you front page rankings in short order.  Sometimes they can accomplish this.

The problem with this “chasing the latest fad” style of SEO is that it creates a boom and bust cycle.  One week you’re ranked highly, then the algorithm changes and you disappear for awhile.  Your SEO consultant finds the newest and best strategy, and you’re back up top again. The tech people at Google are smart.  They closely monitor what is happening in the marketplace, and modify ranking factors regularly.  I read one report that said in 2013 Google adjusted their ranking algorithm 350 times over the year.  That’s almost once a day!  Keeping up with this is an impossible task.

So how do you achieve and maintain top search engine ranking?  By returning to and maintaining the basics:

  • Use a Facebook business page and Google my Business page as outreach tools. Implement a discipline of regular, business related posts will put you in front of influencers, media and prospects.
  • Put a sound link building strategy in place using blogs and industry forums.
  • Create a YouTube page for your business and post quality video content at least monthly. What is “quality video content?” Short (3 minutes or less), very specific interviews, product demonstrations, customer reviews, etc.
  • Create a website and related squeeze pages following best practices. Proper keywords and well crafted text that is congruent with your business. Do not “stuff” keywords.
  • Update your site with excellent content on a regular basis.
  • Make sure your site is “mobile optimized,” that is, it displays correctly for the 70% of searches that are done using smart phones.

Will this strategy instantly propel you to page one rankings? No. Will it, depending on the keywords you optimize for, allow you to rise up through the multitude of competing sites to a top page rank over time? Yes. By properly analyzing keywords that are relevant to your customers, and utilizing them regularly in a disciplined way that focuses on the basics, you will avoid the boom and bust cycle of chasing the latest SEO fads.