Your Brand

Your Brand

It’s not a logo. Or a tagline. It’s a promise.

For most privately held companies and professional practices the concept of “creating a brand" or “brand awareness" is thought to be out of reach. “Branding" is an expensive process that requires an advertising agency to create a brand and then huge ad spends to promote that brand…just not realistic for a local company.

We disagree. We believe that building a brand is not only possible, it is hugely important for a local business or professional practice to take the time to develop. That is because we believe that a “brand" is more than a logo, slogan, series of clever commercials, or a signature product/service you offer.

Your “brand" is your promise to deliver the same bundle of benefits or services consistently to buyers. It is also a prospect’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization. Why do we feel creating your brand is so important? Here are a few reasons:

  • People have too many choices and too little time. They tend to buy based on trust. Since most offerings have essentially the same quality and features, your brand is how you build trust.
  • Your brand is a promise that your product/service will perform as the customer expects.
  • A brand helps make a mark and differentiate your service from others in the marketplace.
  • A strong brand makes people aware of what your company represents and about the various offerings you have available.
  • Your brand helps customers connect with you on an emotional level.

We have designed a process to help you develop the branding message for your business that is both challenging and quick to implement. Challenging because we will ask you to think about your business and ideal prospects in a way you may not have considered in the past. Quick to implement since we recognize that you have business to run, and can’t step away for an extended time to ruminate on esoteric concepts-you need a bottom line result in a reasonable time.

We will guide you through this exercise in three steps. Most complete the entire process in four to six hours of dedicated and focused time. Some of that will be directly with one of our consultants, but the final results will depend on you working on your own or with your team as well.

Here are the steps:

  1. Clarifying your 3 Year Vision Statement
  2. Identifying your Ideal Prospect(s)
  3. Articulating your Value Proposition(s) and Power Phrase

Brand stewardship extends beyond making sure a logo is the right color—it involves the creation of a Brand Promise and Brand Story. And we’re master storytellers.