A website is often the first point of contact between a business and its customers. In today’s digital age, the majority of consumers research a company online before they ever step foot in its store or pick up the phone to call. As such, it’s important to make sure that your website is fresh, up-to-date, and reflects the quality of your products or services. 


An outdated website can make your business look old-fashioned and behind the times. A poorly designed website can be confusing and off-putting to potential customers. And a website that is difficult to navigate will just frustrate people and send them elsewhere. On the other hand, a well-designed, modern-looking website will give customers a positive experience and impression of your company, making them more likely to do business with you.


Regular updates show potential customers that you’re active and invested in your business, and can also help to improve your search engine ranking. But how do you know when it’s time for a website refresh? 


How Often Should You Refresh Your Website? 


Your website is your digital storefront. It’s a powerful marketing tool that can help your business reach new customers. However, a website is also essentially a living document that should be regularly updated in order to remain relevant and engaging. 


The general rule of thumb is that websites should be refreshed every 18-24 months. This doesn’t necessarily mean completely redesigning the site, but rather making sure that the content, design, and functionality are all up-to-date. This can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to remember that even small changes can have a big impact on the overall user experience. 


It’s also important to note that the 18-24 months rule may vary depending on your industry and the nature of your business. So let’s look at five key indicators that will let you know it’s time to consider updating your website. 


1. The Information On Your Website Is Not Accurate Or Up-To-Date


how often should you refresh your website


This one really goes without saying, but if you have information on your website that is not accurate or up-to-date, then you definitely need to refresh your site so that it is. This goes for anything from contact and location information, to information about your products and services, to information about your team members, to updated logos, brand colors, etc. Your website should always be an accurate depiction of your company at the current time. 


2. Your Website Is Poorly Designed Or Looks Outdated


website design


In the fast-paced digital world of today, first impressions are more important than ever. When potential customers visit your website, they should immediately be impressed by what they see. If your site is poorly designed or looks outdated, it’s likely doing more harm than good. 


It can give the impression that your business is unprofessional or not credible. Even if your website contains valuable information, potential customers may not take the time to wade through a cluttered design or navigate a dated interface. And if potential customers can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll quickly move on to a competitor’s site instead. That’s why it’s so important to keep your website fresh and looking its best. 


Updating your website will not only make it more modern-looking, but it’s also an opportunity to add new features and improve the overall functionality of the site making it more user-friendly as well. Your website should clearly convey who are, what you do, and how you can help your visitors. It should also have a strong CTA (call to action) that guides visitors to the next step to take in order to engage with you. 


By giving your site a refresh, you can make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and giving potential customers a positive impression of your business.


3. Your Site Is Not SEO Optimized 


seo optimized


If your website is not optimized for search engines, it is likely that you are not getting the most out of your online presence. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving your website so that it will rank higher in search engine results pages. This can have a significant impact on your traffic levels, as well as your ability to reach your target audience. 


There are many factors that go into SEO including the use of keywords and backlinks. However, one of the most important elements is fresh content. Search engines crawling the web are constantly looking for new and relevant information so having fresh, SEO-optimized content is a great strategy for improving your website rankings. For this reason, it’s essential to refresh your website regularly with new and relevant content if you want to ensure that it is visible to potential customers.


4. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly


mobile friendly


Did you know over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices? This is why making sure your website is mobile-friendly should be a top priority. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you risk losing out on a huge portion of potential customers. People are far more likely to abandon a website that isn’t easy to navigate on their phone, and instead will turn to one of your competitors. 


It’s also important in regards to SEO. Search engines like Google are now using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be pushed down in the search results. This will make it even harder for people to find your site. 


A mobile-friendly website will also load quicker on a mobile device, which is important since 25% of users will abandon a web page if it doesn’t load within 4-6 seconds. And ultimately having a mobile-friendly website shows that your business is up with the times, which instills confidence in your brand. 


5. Your Website Is Not ADA Compliant 


ada compliant


If your website is not ADA compliant, it’s time for an update. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in order to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. This includes access to website content. By making your website compliant, you’re not only opening up your site to a larger audience, but you’re also demonstrating your commitment to inclusion and diversity. 


Additionally, ADA compliance can help you avoid potential legal troubles. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, organizations can be held liable for discrimination if they provide inaccessible websites. Over 20,000 lawsuits have been filed against local businesses in 2022 alone. 


You can learn more about ADA compliance in this article. If your website is not ADA compliant, that calls for an immediate website refresh to get your site up to compliance standards. 


Work With A Website Development Company


At The Alchemy Consulting Group, we understand that your website is a vital part of your business. It’s often the first impression that potential customers will have of your company, and it needs to be accurate, engaging, and compliant with ADA standards. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your existing site, we can help. 


Our team of web development experts will work with you to create a site that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We’ll make sure that your site is responsive and easy to use, so visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. 


A few of our standard updates include:


  • Making sure your phone number is at the top of the homepage and easy to find. 
  • Including a short sentence ‘above the fold’ on the homepage that conveys your value proposition. 
  • Creating an “About Us” page that allows visitors to get to know your team and company. 
  • Creating descriptions for your products / services that are clear and easy to understand.
  • Including a call to action that tells visitors the next step to take to engage with you. 
  • Installing a special code that allows individuals with disabilities to interact with your website, making it ADA compliant. (Making your website ADA compliant can also earn you a 50% tax credit. There are some stipulations that apply, which we can guide you through.) 


We can also work with you to ensure that your content is SEO-friendly, so you can attract new customers and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop an effective and efficient website — call us at 877-978-2110 or book a time that is convenient for you: https://calendly.com/gordonvanwechel/15min

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