Businesses that have their foundation established and the operations in place to handle substantial growth require a different marketing strategy than businesses who are in earlier start-up stages. 


Businesses that are in the start-up stage tend to focus their marketing efforts on increasing brand awareness and generating initial interest from potential customers. As businesses enter the growth stage and begin to expand operations, their marketing needs shift. At this point, their focus should be on strategic marketing activities designed to reach a larger audience and build engagement.


This is exactly what Alchemy’s Marketing 3-Pak® is designed to do. The Marketing 3-Pak® was developed specifically for businesses who already have an online presence established and are getting traffic to their website, as well as have a team in place that can handle a surge of new customers or clients. 


Just as the name suggests, the Marketing 3-Pak® is comprised of three different marketing strategies that, when used in combination, yield significant results. So if you’re a business that meets the above criteria and are ready to make your phone or inbox “ring”, keep reading as we’ll break down each component of the Marketing 3-Pak® and explain how it can take your business growth to the next level. 


1. Reputation Marketing


reputation marketing


The first marketing strategy in the Marketing 3-Pak® that we’re going to look at is reputation marketing. Reputation marketing refers to the process of promoting and managing a company’s reputation across a variety of channels. 


This encompasses everything from social media to customer reviews on websites like Yelp or Google. By carefully crafting and monitoring their reputation online and offline, companies can better ensure that their reputation is seen in the best possible light by potential customers. 


This is important because consumers often rely heavily on reputation when making purchasing decisions, making reputation one of the key factors that determines success in today’s competitive business landscape. 87% of consumers look at reviews before making a decision on whether or not to do business with a company. A single negative review left unattended can be detrimental. This is why it is essential for companies to invest in reputation marketing if they want to stay relevant and thrive in today’s economy.


How Does the 3-Pak® Reputation Marketing System Work? 


Our Reputation Marketing System works by creating a strong online presence for your business that is backed by solid social proof. This innovative marketing approach includes multiple Reputation Marketing processes. Here’s what those process are: 


  • Our system will monitor your reviews 24/7 on 19 of the most common directories where reviews are left.
  • We will create a branded review page for your business.
  • We will utilize an autoresponder to request reviews via email from your past customers or clients.
  • We will distribute your 5-star reviews across social media platforms.
  • Each month we will produce, optimize, and syndicate one review video to 60+ online video sites. 


Having a positive online reputation creates a sense of trust and credibility around your brand. This helps consumers to feel as though they’re spending their money wisely when they choose to do business with you. 


2. Retargeting Marketing


retargeting marketing


The next strategy used in the Marketing 3-Pak® is Retargeting Marketing. 


What Is Retargeting Marketing And How Does It Work?


Retargeting Marketing is a type of online advertising that focuses on reaching consumers who have already shown an interest in your business, such as visiting your website or clicking on one of your ads. 


This is one of the most important and effective marketing strategies a business can implement. Why? Google statistics have shown that 96% of people visiting any website for the first time will leave and not come back. Without retargeting in place, these visitors are lost forever. That’s why this strategy is a core component to the Marketing 3-Pak®. 


In Our Retargeting Marketing System we do three things: 


  • Create 5 different ad sets. Each ad set will include 16 different sized ads.
  • We will then submit those ads to 11 online ad exchange organizations.
  • We will manage these campaigns through our dashboard, and each month will replace the lowest performing ad sets. 


This approach to online advertising can yield impressive results for businesses across all industries.


3.Google Adwords Management


google adwords management


Google Adwords Management is the third strategy that plays an important role in the Marketing 3-Pak®. 


What Is A Google Adword?


Google Adwords are a type of online advertising that appears at the top of the Google search engine results pages. These advertisements are used by businesses to promote their products or services and attract new customers. 


Google Adwords work by placing payment bids on specific keywords that relate to the advertised product or service. In order to ensure that Google users see these ads, Google uses an auction-based system. And because Google Adwords are a cost-effective way to promote products and services to a large audience, they have become one of the most popular forms of online advertising today. 


We often refer to Google Adwords campaigns as a secret weapon. This is because when it’s done correctly, it’s the quickest way to get your business on the first page of Google and can even generate instant customers. At Alchemy, we’ve managed more than $10 million in Adwords ad spend. Our Adwords team are experts in effectively identifying keywords that will have a high ROI. 


Here are a few case study examples:


case study

case study


As you can see by the above case studies, if you’re looking to make your phone ring and boost sales, Google Adwords is your go-to for achieving those goals. 


Interested In Implementing The Marketing 3-Pak® for your business? 


If you have questions or are ready to put the Marketing 3-Pak® to work for your business, we’re here to help. You can either send us an email to or schedule a call to speak with one of our marketing experts at a time that works best for you:


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