A Lifelong Entrepreneur Focused on Helping Other Entrepreneur’s

When I got out of college I took an entry level management job with a big national company. I quickly learned that the corporate world, or at least that slice of it, didn’t appreciate independent thinking. Two years later I got fired for being too outspoken (most entrepreneurs are and have to be)!

I swore to myself that I would never work in corporate America again.

I met two like-minded entrepreneurs and we started a restaurant company. We had a unique (at the time) concept and added more locations until we had a chain of 16 up and running. We then sold the company.

One of my partners invited me to move to Denver and join him in buying a start-up software company. The fact that neither of us knew anything about computer software was not a deterrent. We had a great tech team to handle that. We built a national dealer network and again sold the business.

Next, I decided to try my hand at selling real estate. That went pretty well, but what I really enjoyed was the financing of property, so I started a mortgage company. A few years later we had offices in 38 states and again I had an opportunity to sell a business.

In talking with other local business owners at church and the gym I worked out in I was frequently asked how I had grown my companies. As I thought about it, I realized that even though I had worked in three completely different types of businesses, the marketing strategies were remarkably similar.

And so, with all of this experience and knowledge I started the Alchemy Consulting Group with the intent of sharing the business growth principles and strategies I had put into practice in my own businesses.

That was in 2003, and the marketing world was very different – our internet was accessed through a dial up connection, Google was still a small, privately held company and YouTube and Facebook didn’t exist.

Local business marketing at the time included things like phone rooms, fax blasting, billboards, direct mail, and radio if you had a large enough budget.

In 2007 we started marketing online by building websites and doing search engine optimization.

I like to describe our company as “growing up with the Internet.” We still do offline marketing for our clients, but 80% of our work is digital. We have grown to three offices and a team of client support people from five countries.

Our mission will continue to be offering full-service ad agency work to local businesses at an affordable price.

Our Core 5® products provide a marketing foundation for a business of any size. For a company that has a website and is getting some traffic each month, our trademarked 3-Pak® is the next step towards growing your business.

Over the years we have worked with businesses from Accountants to Veterinarians, more than 80 different business niches to date!

No matter what your business, the marketing challenge is still the same: know who your customer is, share the value of your company in a way that is meaningful to them, and then fulfill all of your promises over and above expectation.

That’s been our philosophy since 2003.



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