Jasiah Izaiah

We had spent a lot of money on paid ads in the past, without much success. But just two months after hiring Alchemy we’re getting more calls from the people we want, and in the parts of town we had been trying to expand into.

Lauren Moreno

The program to help us sell our company for a higher price has been an amazing journey. Not only are we increasing the value of the business, but I am able to work fewer hours. Thank you.

Marian Hill

Our new website is really attracting attention. I’m so glad we added the videos you suggested.

Melody Smith

Your ideas for getting more people calling us have really paid off. We booked 11 new appointments so far this month.

Pete Bond

After 8 years in business we felt like our advertising had gotten pretty stale. We interviewed several agencies about creating a new look for our company, and The Alchemy Group had some great ideas. I felt like they took the time to understand us and how we wanted our company to appear. They created a completely new branding program and website that really did this. Our commercial customers are commenting on how professional our ads are, and we’re getting a lot more calls for bids.

Melissa Vidal

We had been debating adding another doctor to our practice, but with Covid and all the uncertainty had hesitated. Several months ago we retained Alchemy Consulting to help us try and grow our practice. Their program has helped us add several dozen new clients, and we are now interviewing candidates to join us. Thank you!

Leonard Hardin

We get approached by a lot companies with big promises. When we first met with Gordon from Alchemy he asked us a lot of good questions and really tried to understand our business. The proposal he made later was for things we could afford and that have really worked to bring us new prospective jobs. It is so refreshing to work with a company that actually listens to us.

Vera Walker

Our company has worked with Alchemy Consulting for the last three years. We have found them to be creative, highly effective, honest, reasonable priced, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend their services.

Nathan Bowman


Thank you for the new website! Many of our clients have commented on the “new look” for our business, and we are getting more phone calls from potential new clients.

Gilbert Wolf


The 3 pack program is working even better than expected. It paid for itself in the first month!

John Bishop

Having prospects find us online has become increasingly difficult. The Alchemy team has done an excellent job at increasing our visibility and the opportunity to share our services with the “right” clients for our business. Their attention to detail and consistent communication are very reassuring.

Barbara Hoffman

Alchemy did an amazing job with our new website. Each step of the process was handled professionally and completed on time. They kept us informed throughout and were a real pleasure to work with. Plus, the finished site is even better than I imagined.

Marie Shelton

We have been managing our own Adwords campaigns, and thought things were good. After meeting with the Alchemy team we realized this was a part of our practice growth that we should have an expert manage. Since turning this over to Alchemy six months ago, our calls are up more than 50% and we’re bringing in new patients every week.

Michael Clarke

We are in a very competitive market with a lot of window companies. Since we added your 3 pack services we have seen an increase in our bids and are signing more customers. I thought this might be too expensive, but it easily pays for itself quickly.

Mary Futrell


With three crews in the field on jobs every day, and preparing bids for new jobs, I realized I couldn’t keep doing my own marketing. I heard about the Alchemy Consulting 3-Pack and after talking with them decided to give it a try. Not only are we getting more opportunities, they are better quality jobs. We’ve even been able to get two jobs in a neighborhood where we had never won a bid.

Bud Stainton


After getting several bad reviews I wanted some help with this problem. I interviewed several agencies but found that the team from Alchemy really had expertise in this area. After the first three months of working with them I know I made the right decision! Each week we are receiving one or two 5 star comments from our customers.

Amanda Beasley

The last agency we used convinced us to try paid ads and it was just a waste of money. But the combination of Google ads and retargeting that Alchemy is doing has been great for our practice. We are getting more calls and can track the actual return on our spending.

Eddy Midlin

Gordon and his staff are outstanding to work with. Gordon is extremely knowledgable about what he does and he has a very nice way of speaking to me at my ”non technical”  level so everything is easy for me to understand. I have worked with Gordon for several years and everything Gordon and his staff have done has been wonderful. I highly recommend this company!

Wendy Webb


Since we started the 3-pack program in July our monthly appointments are up by 50%, and we’ve closed four new full kitchen contracts. This during the pandemic restrictions.

Gabriella Rose


Usually the winter is really difficult for us, but the funnel program you created has helped us get customers for our off season business so that we actually had a busy few months. Now that spring is nearly here and landscape customers are calling again we are looking forward to a great year.

Laura Kennedy

The campaign you created for bringing people to our tradeshow booth was great. We had at least two dozen people come and show us the ad on their phones. We’ll do this for every show from now on.

Myron Grace

My brother called to say he’d seen my business on the ESPN website! The ads you have running are all over the place, and we are getting more and more calls.

Bryan Garza


Having a system in place to ask our clients for reviews and publishing them online has made a huge difference in the number of phone calls we’re receiving. More than one new customer has said it was the reviews that made them call us.

Lucille Koepke


After more than a year paying for search engine optimization stuff with another company and not increasing our business, we switched to the Reputation and Traffic program offered by Alchemy. More people are now finding us, and we’re getting more calls and clients.

Cindy Dionne


We’re one of four veterinary practices in a small suburban community. Since we started the re-marketing campaigns we have been getting more clients and retail sales.

David Kuykendall


The style website that you built has really helped us book for our off-season business. Usually we’re slow in the Winter, but this year we have quite a few advance booking for snow work.

Noah Lund


We asked Gordon to help us design a program to attract higher end kitchen and bath jobs. He helped us target some specific neighborhoods with both our internet ads and some off line work too. We’ve signed up three new jobs at more than $50,000, and have proposals our on four others!

Kris Fintall


In the six months since we started working with Alchemy we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of calls for both service and new doors. Plus we’re now getting customers in neighborhoods that had been hard to penetrate before.

David Moorehead


Thank you! The videos you produced for us have generated phone calls and appointments.

Jennifer Caldera 


Thanks to Alchemy Consulting we have brought our reputation to over 4.5 stars, and are getting more calls and jobs.

Raffaello Blackley


I have always questioned the importance of marketing for a legal practice. The reputation and remarketing programs Alchemy developed for us started bringing new clients within the first two weeks. I am now a believer!

Humbert Mckitrick


We’ve tried several lead companies in the past, most were a waste of money and time chasing bad prospects. While your program is more expensive than most, the people we see are actually interested in talking with us and we are signing up more roof jobs than ever before.

Lance Varell


I hired Alchemy to do some reputation work, but they’ve done so much more. They gave me a full digital marketing strategy that included generating new prospects for our company. Our business is up over 12% since hiring them.

Sharon Pearson


When Gordon asked us to test the Site Visitor program I was a little skeptical. But what he said turned out to be 100% accurate. By reaching out to people who had visited our website with informative emails we were able to capture them as customers, and at a lower advertising cost than our other marketing efforts.

Tom McMahon


Used Alchemy to improve my reputation on line. I couldn't be happier. They are really professional and REALLY good.

Integrative Medcine


Wonderful to work with. Very attentive to the individual needs of our business. Thank you for being a great resource for our company.

Clarence Oakley


After several years of frustration with paying for search engine advertising and never being sure of an ROI, we retained the Alchemy Group to manage our Pay Per Click program. Within two months we could document a significant increase in clicks and, more importantly, better quality prospects who really fit our practice model.

Jacob Arrignton


We have been able to add an average of more than a job a week after hiring Alchemy to help us with our online marketing. They cleaned up our website, helped us improve our reputation score, and did several videos. I highly recommend their services.

Christine Turpen


I worked with the Alchemy Group to improve my business standings on social media. They did an incredible job and I am now ranked at the top of Yelp and Google. I would highly recommend to you to utilize for your SEO needs.

Michelle Maroth


I am incredibly pleased with my new website. Alchemy Consulting Group did a great job creating it in such a way that it reflects how my small business is unique. They also made it aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Their services are very affordable and I would highly recommend them.