At some time in the future you will exit your business. You might sell outright, merge with another company, leave to a family member, or turn over to key employees. That might be next year or ten years from now, it’s difficult to predict.

Regardless of what might happen in the future, we all want to optimize the value of our company today. 

The Value Builder® Fast Track program is designed to quickly help you do that. Learn more here:

Fast Track condenses the traditional 12-month study of the eight Value Builder modules it into an eight week “mastermind” with no more than eight business owners participating. This overview approach enables owners to identify the two or three modules that could have the greatest impact on the value of their business for additional focus. 

Previous Fast Track participants have identified several reasons why this program proved to be so valuable:

  • Less time commitment—8 weeks instead of 12 months
  • More affordable—Fast Track is priced at just $3000, that is 20% of the full program price
  • Allows you to identify key gap areas in your business
  • The ‘Mastermind’ setting shares the experiences of other business owners

What If I’m Not Planning to Sell My Business?

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Great question! Many of our Fast Track business owners are not thinking of selling anytime in the foreseeable future. Fast Track helps them look at their business with a new perspective and focus on the drivers of business value that have been identified from working with more than 60,000 small and medium-sized businesses over the last decade.

Another benefit is the opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs. Frequently as business owners we get so immersed in the day-to-day of our company we can lose perspective. Participating in a Mastermind structure like Fast Track can be an eye-opening experience.

What Happens After 8 Weeks?

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Over the course of the program you will identify two or three of the value building modules that could have a significant impact on the value of your company. You will have access to all of the Value Builder® training and tools for a full year. You can work on enhancing these modules on your own or engage with one of our advisors as a personal coach. It’s totally up to you.

If you happen to miss one of our group sessions they are all recorded and sent to you weekly.

What Do We Do in a Fast Track Meeting? How Much Time Do I Invest?

We have a proven 3-step process that will help you understand each of the value builders:

  1. Each of the 8 modules starts with two or three short videos describing the concept of the module and why it is an important step in building business value.
  2. Then there are online tools and exercises that you will complete based on the unique business that you have.
  3. Finally, our group meeting that lasts 60-75 minutes each week.

Your total time investment should be around 3 hours a week, including the group meeting.

Is There Any Sort of Guarantee?


value builder questionnaire

Of course, we call it our ““Godfather’s Offer You Can’t Refuse” guarantee. Here it is:

  1. Enroll in Fast Track at
  2. Complete the Value Builder Questionnaire and spend 45 minutes with an advisor reviewing the results.
  3. Prepare for and attend the first group meeting.

If, after this, you don’t believe that the Fast Track program will give you at least a 100% ROI on your investment, let me know and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

There is zero risk to you!

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The Fast Track Experience

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Our Fast Track program has helped several hundred business owners identify areas that they can focus on and quickly enhance the value of their business.

Many have also experienced that they can spend fewer hours in the day-to-day management of their business as they implement systems and hand off responsibilities to their teams.

Here are some of their comments:

          “So far this year, my sales are up almost 100% compared to last year, due to some simple but powerful changes made to my business model”

                    David Harris, Protection Dog Sales

          “The Fast Track program helped me understand the importance of creating recurring revenue and becoming the “go to” firm in our practice area.”

                    Robin Kramer, Alexander, Kramer, and Simpson Law Firm

          “I thought the focus of the program would be on selling my business at some time in the future. What it really has done is helped me increase my profit while spending less time running my company.”

                    William Newman, Craig Lighting Design

Last Fast Track Opportunity in 2022

We start on September 13th. If you have questions and would like a personal conversation about Fast Track, please book a time here: