Do you ever get that feeling that you’re being followed around online? What I mean is, have you ever been shopping for a particular product online but didn’t purchase it — and then for the next several days, no matter where you go online you see ads for that product? 


 If so, then you have likely been the target of retargeting marketing.


Retargeting marketing has become one of the most important and effective forms of internet marketing today. Businesses who aren’t utilizing this strategy are potentially leaving massive amounts of revenue on the table.  


What Is Retargeting And How Does It Work? 


Unlike traditional marketing campaigns that focus on reaching out to a large number of potential customers, retargeting marketing directs its efforts specifically at those users who have already shown an interest in a company, product, or service. 


This is accomplished by using pixels to track consumers online. The pixels, which are tiny pieces of code, are embedded on web pages and email messages that users visit or receive. These pixels collect data about the user’s browsing or reading behaviors, including the pages they have viewed and the links they have clicked. All of this information is then stored in a retargeting platform where algorithms analyze it to make careful decisions about which ads to show users. 


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By determining which ads are most relevant to each individual’s preferences and interests, retargeting effectively “follows” users around the web, bringing them ads for products or services that match their interests. With retargeting, businesses can reach consumers when they are most likely to take action and are actively shopping for a particular product or service. 


It also works incredibly well at keeping businesses top of mind with their target audience. Thus, retargeting helps businesses reach consumers more precisely and efficiently, ultimately leading to better conversions and greater ROI.


And if that’s not convincing enough, just look at the statistics. According to Google, 96% of people who visit any website for the first time will bounce, meaning they will leave without taking action and not come back. So for businesses not utilizing retargeting, all of those visitors and potential customers are lost forever. That’s why this form of marketing is critical for companies who want to keep up in this competitive, fast-paced digital landscape. 


What Are Retargeting Ads and Banner Ads?


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Retargeting ads are the advertisements that are shown to users based on their specific actions, like visiting a website or clicking on a particular product. Banner ads are one of the most effective forms of retargeting ads. Banner ads are online advertisements that are displayed on websites. 


The purpose of banner ads is to attract the attention of potential customers by appearing in prominent locations on a webpage. These ads may be focused on a specific product or service, or they may showcase a businesses brand or reputation, such as a testimonial or 5-star review. 


These ads are typically presented as eye-catching images or animations. They will contain persuasive messaging or calls to action, encouraging viewers to click through to a specific landing page in order to complete a purchase, learn more about a product or service, or sign up for different kinds of promotions or offers. 


Banner advertising is quite effective at drawing clicks from internet users, thanks to their size and high level of visibility. These types of ads also help businesses to build brand recognition. Overall, banner ads are an important tool for companies looking to connect with potential customers online.


In this sense, retargeting combined with banner ads is one of the most successful forms of advertising available today, allowing businesses and organizations to promote themselves quickly and easily across the internet. 


What Is A Retargeting Campaign?


retargeting campaign


In the digital marketing world, a campaign is how all of the retargeting ads are tracked and optimized. This includes all of the ad sets and individual ads that are created to target particular groups of users, as well as the backend algorithms that are used to optimize and track results. 


Typically, a campaign will include various targeting criteria, such as the geographic location of potential customers or the specific websites that they visit. It will also be associated with certain goals such as increasing sales conversions.


Within a campaign, every element is carefully monitored and fine-tuned in order to ensure that it has maximum impact on consumer behavior. This includes optimizing ad copy and images, testing targeting parameters, and constantly evaluating campaign performance metrics such as number of clicks and click through rates. By closely monitoring campaign performance, businesses can ensure that they are achieving their desired results and make adjustments as necessary to improve performance.


Want To Outsource To A Retargeting Company? 


Is it possible for you to run your own retargeting campaigns and banner ads? Absolutely. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • A management platform to track ads and measure response
  • A relationship with at least 1 of the 12 ad exchanges that control the auctions of ad space
  • A graphic designer to create 16 unique ad sizes for each campaign


It is important to note that retargeting marketing can be a time-consuming and complicated process requiring specialized skills, knowledge, and resources. For this reason, many businesses choose to outsource this type of marketing work to marketing companies who specialize in it.


By outsourcing retargeting marketing tasks to these companies, businesses are able to focus on other aspects of their operations that require their attention and expertise. Rather than investing resources into developing retargeting skills internally, business owners can hand off this task to a skilled third-party provider while they concentrate on their core competencies. Outsourcing retargeting allows companies to avoid the costs that can come with investing in additional staff or managing complex retargeting systems themselves. 


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At Alchemy we specialize in retargeting and have the skills and experience necessary to create targeted and effective campaigns. Our Retargeting Program includes the following:


  • 5 unique ad sets that each include 16 ads of different sizes
  • Submission of all ads to 11 internet ad exchange organizations
  • Management of the campaigns through Alchemy’s dashboard
  • Replacement of the lowest performing ads monthly


We also offer a range of additional services like other complementary forms of marketing and consultation services, all of which help you get the most out of your marketing efforts. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about this service, send an email to me directly at or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for you:

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