With the vast amount of content available online today, simply publishing content is not enough. You have to distribute your content effectively if you want to be successful. In this article, we’re going to share how a content distribution strategy can help you get your content noticed amongst all the digital noise. 


What Is A Content Distribution Strategy? 


What Is A Content Distribution Strategy?


Creating a content distribution strategy is a process that involves strategizing which platforms to distribute your content on- whether it’s blog posts, videos, articles, etc. – so that it reaches the widest possible audience within your target demographic. It’s not enough to just create great content. If your audience isn’t seeing it, then your marketing efforts are being wasted. 


The Different Types Of Content Distribution Channels


The Different Types Of Content Distribution Channels


In order to decide how to distribute content effectively, you first need to become familiar with the three primary types of content distribution channels:


1. Owned Content Channels


Owned distribution channels are ones that you have complete control over, such as your website, blog, and email newsletters. Leveraging owned channels allows you to build a loyal audience and showcase your expertise.


2. Earned Content Channels


Earned content distribution channels are third-party platforms that voluntarily promote or share your content without any cost to you. These channels endorse your content because they genuinely like it, and you’ve “earned” their willingness to help spread it. This typically involves actions such as mentioning your content on social media or featuring it with links in their blogs or newsletters. Earned distribution often involves support from bloggers or active social media participants who find value in what you offer.


3. Paid Content Channels


Using paid content distribution channels to promote your content can be an excellent way to reach a broader audience quickly. Platforms like Google Ads and social media ads offer powerful targeting options.


How To Create Your Content Distribution Strategy 


How To Create Your Content Distribution Strategy


Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of content distribution and how to build an effective strategy.


Audience Research


Before you choose where to distribute your content, it’s important to understand your audience and where they spend the most time online. Research your target audience’s preferences, pain points, and content consumption habits. This knowledge will serve as the foundation of your distribution strategy.


Plan Your Content


Once you’ve gained insights into your audience, it’s time to craft content that resonates with them. Create high-quality, valuable, and relevant content that addresses their needs and interests. Develop content that answers the questions they’re asking. This will not only captivate your audience, but also encourage them to share your content with others.


Create A Content Calendar


Consistency is key in content distribution. Develop a well-structured content calendar that outlines when and where you’ll publish your content. A calendar helps you maintain a steady flow of content and ensures that you don’t miss important events or holidays that could be leveraged for marketing purposes.


Track And Optimize


No content distribution strategy is complete without the ability to measure its performance. Utilize analytics tools to track key metrics such as website traffic, engagement, conversion rates, and more. By continuously monitoring and analyzing data, you can make data-driven decisions to refine and optimize your strategy over time.


Content Distribution Tips and Best Practices


Content Distribution Tips and Best Practices


Now that you have a solid foundation, let’s explore some advanced tips and best practices to supercharge your content distribution efforts.


Share Your Content On Different Types Of Channels


Diversify your content distribution strategy by utilizing various platforms and formats. Share your content on social media networks, email newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and even explore emerging platforms like Threads, depending on your target audience.


Repurpose Your Content


Don’t let your valuable content go to waste after its initial publication. Repurpose it into different formats, such as turning a blog post into a video, or transforming a webinar into a series of blog articles. This not only extends the life of your content but also reaches different audience segments.


Leverage Automation Tools


There’s a variety of automation tools designed to simplify and enhance your content distribution efforts. From social media management platforms like Hootsuite to email marketing automation with MailChimp, these tools help you schedule, publish, and analyze your content with precision and efficiency. This also allows you to free up time and ensure you stay on schedule. 


By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to create a robust strategy, engage your target audience effectively, and ultimately achieve your content marketing goals. 


Need Help Developing A New Content Distribution Strategy? 


Need Help Developing A New Content Distribution Strategy?


If you’re ready to improve your content marketing, but need help developing and implementing a content distribution strategy, Alchemy can help. Our marketing team specializes in content marketing that drives real results. We understand the nuances of creating content and distributing it effectively. If you have questions or would like to learn more, give us a call at 877-978-2110 or schedule a call at a time that works for you: https://calendly.com/gordonvanwechel/15min.

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